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We specialise in competition policy and regulatory economics. Our main driver is to provide rigorous economic analyses and top-class expert advice on competition-related as well as sector-specific regulatory matters. Our services are packaged into five broad areas:


Competition Policy

Competition policy is a combination of law and economics. It applies principles of economics to legislation. It is meant to ensure that market participants do not engage in conduct that gives them an unfair advantage in the market place. We offer expert economic advice and opinion on mergers and acquisitions, abuse of dominance and restrictive practice cases. The team has garnered experience in applying competition economics in a number of sectors including manufacturing, retail and services.


We are also uniquely placed to offer strategic advice to clients when formulating competitive strategies to ensure compliance with competition law.

Regulated Network Industries

The interface between competition policy and sector-specific regulation is paramount in ensuring a predictable, stable and conducive environment for doing business. Sector-specific regulation is interventionist in nature, setting the rules of the game before-hand, whilst competition law is hands-off, intervening only where there are breaches of the law, apart from merger regulation which is ex-ante. Sector-specific regulation is preventative, dis-incentivising companies from engaging in anti-competitive behaviour such as margin-squeeze, price discrimination and excessive pricing.


Our main focus in regulated network industries (Telecommunications, Broadcasting, Energy & Transport) is assisting private sector clients in dealing with tariff applications, regulatory reporting requirements, compilation and review of economic data as well as advising on compliance matters. We also assist regulators with market research, sector analysis, review of regulatory processes and policies, the development of appropriate regulations, the undertaking of regulatory impact assessments and the reviewing of business plans and financials for purposes of assessing new operating licence applications and tariff filings.

Other Regulated Sectors/Services

The regulatory landscape is vast, with such regulated sectors or services as insurance, banking, gambling, liquor, estate agency, credit, films and publications, lotteries, trade metrology, advertising and general consumer protection.


We offer economic advice to agencies and regulated entities, undertake market research, sector analysis, data compilation/ interpretation and conduct impact assessment studies on these aspects of regulation. We also assist regulated entities with compliance issues and in making submissions or appearing before the relevant regulatory authorities.

General Market Research

The firm has expertise in conducting qualitative and quantitative research on general or specific economic and public policy matters. The services we offer include regulatory impact assessments on policies, primary legislation and regulations as well as public policy research which entails providing economic analysis and undertaking research on public policy issues such as industrial policy, trade, health and education as well as market access studies. We also assist government departments and other public entities with policy development and analysis.

Institutional Capacity Building & Training

In this area our services are aimed at: providing training on the economics of regulation and competition policy with emphasis on compliance with relevant legislation and regulations; and assisting in the design and reform of regulatory agencies, especially the setting up and capacitating of the economics or research departments of such institutions.

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